Pearlized Vessels


    “Pearlizing” is the name I have given to the finishing process that I use to give a vessel an almost liquid appearance that has depth and transparent color, while still allowing the natural grain of the wood to show through.  For over 40 years I have been Pearlizing various objects of Art.  In 1970, I started airbrushing iridescent pearl bases and transparent candy-colors on custom motorcycles and antique show cars.  Today I utilize those same techniques on wood.

    Pearlizing entails airbrushing the piece with multiple layers of clear, pearl, and transparent colors.  I often incorporate gold leaf patterns which are embedded between more layers of clear urethane and outlined with fine-line pinstriping.  Endless hours of sanding and buffing between layers provide the vessel with depth and a liquid glass illusion.

Koa Flower with Natural Edge
Lava Lotus
Blue Bowl with Petroglyphs
Phoenix Rising
Strawberry Fields Forever
Ancestral Evolution
Mango Dreams
Pearlized Norfolk Pine
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Strawberry Fields Forever